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Mixed metals and colored gemstones: engagement ring choices

Mixed metals and colored gemstones: engagement ring choices

Times square measure changing: it’s time to be brave, to be you, and categorical yourself in ways in which you never even thought were potential.

While diamond engagement rings have endured because the customary for proposals for hundreds of years, actuality hallmark of affection and commitment for charmed couples the globe over, the dynamic tides of knickknack trends have opened the door to a world of originality.



Industry giants square measure currently setting out to cater to those that wish to be distinctive, to form a press release with the creation of a very daring and individualised ring. Mixed metal bands and coloured gemstones square measure a number of the ways in which the jewellery business is dynamic for the comprehensive smart.

Gone square measure the times wherever mixture metals was frowned upon, like double denim or mixture prints. Now, every day we have a tendency to see ladies with confidence stacking wedding and eternity rings of immensely completely different metals with their engagement rings.



Three pave diamond eternity rings set into their corresponding gold colour.

In recent years, the mixture of contrastive mixed metals, like gold and Pt, has become a favourite for each trendy men and ladies wanting to interrupt the mould. We’ve seen a rise in argentiferous tones across the whole jewellery and fashion industries – from champagne diamonds and therefore the rise of rose gold to fashion accessories like headphones and clutch luggage with argentiferous finishes.

Mixed-metal rings afford you a lot of styling potentialities, eliminating the requirement to match all of your jewellery from the day of your proposal. better of all, it reveal the choices once it involves mixture your ring with a special color wedding ring.


There square measure a whole lot, if not thousands, of individual and distinctive combos of mixed metals and coloured gemstones for you to undertake, all of that really permit you to precise yourself. combos abound, like rubies or pink sapphires set into blush rose gold; the light-blue tones seen in emeralds, increased once set into buttery yellow gold or blue sapphires set into bright alloy or icy Pt – every metal vividly enhancing their centre stone’s color tones.

Not simply restricted to enhancing the colour of your center stone, your metal alternative will compliment your skin tone too. Rose gold works well with all skin tones that explains its increase in quality in jewellery and accessories. bearing metal tends to figure best with fairer complexions, whereas yellow gold tends to favor medium to dark complexions.

This ring makes associatenouncement} with an emerald set into yellow gold, light the stone’s changing color. Notice the white diamond is ready in Pt to reinforce its brilliance – associate degree example of a mixed metal ring utterly enhancing the colours and tones of its gemstones.

‘Moi et Toi’ vogue ring with emerald cut white diamond and emerald.

As well as mixture metals, some ladies square measure even going more, selecting stones that were once neglected over the unaltered diamond ring, like ruby, morganite, tourmaline, emerald, tanzanite and sapphire. several vogue professionals, just like the peeress of Cambridge, Kate pamphleteer, square measure at the forefront of this jewellery revolution.

The peerless contains a sapphire ring set into a alloy band, whereas her wedding ring is yellow gold – a splendidly distinctive combine that ladies from all walks of life square measure emulating.

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The power of coloured gemstones



With the peerless leading the manner, alternative influencers have climbed aboard the coloured gem trend with gusto; Eva Longoria’s alternative of ruby, Halle-an-der-Saale Berry’s emerald, and Penelope Cruz’s sapphire center stone means that every of those clearly distinctive ladies contains a ring to match.

Coloured gemstones square measure concerning being daring and adventurous; go massive and go bold! Gemstones offer you the chance to precise your personal vogue and use colours that flatter your complexion. If you’re employed along with your hands or lead a vigorous lifestyle, the simplest gemstones to settle on square measure sapphires and rubies as they’re going to interference well against everyday wear and tear.



For those desperate to select a rare and distinctive coloured gem, Paraìba tourmalines and Padparadscha sapphires square measure glorious selections. Paraìba tourmalines, with their element bluish green hue, come back solely from one mine in Paraìba, Brazil whereas Padparadscha sapphires, better-known for his or her excellent balance of pink and orange, sort of a Santorinian sunset, square measure solely sourced in state.

The demand and recognition of coloured gemstones is plain, and now’s the right time to affix those in pushing the boundaries of knickknack trends.

Endless potentialities



Having the boldness to combine each metal and coloured gemstones reveal a world of fashion flexibility. At Rare Pink, they create positive your custom ring style really matches your temperament – there really is not any limit on the far side your imagination.

Turquoise crystals: beauty in deatails.

Turquoise crystals: beauty in deatails.

Hello, Monday! Howdy, a brand new day of knowledge! howdy, a post concerning the history of the material! New spring month had started for four days already, and that we haven’t modified something. However, it’s okay. We have a tendency to stay trustworthy to our traditions.

Last week I finished a dreamy post concerning engagement rings, their choice and symbolism. And there was a hoop, that has fallen into my soul for the total weekend – it had been a turquoise stone ring. this sense I had after I initial saw the wonder of laps jewellery. this can be one thing sorcerous, one thing fascinating …


Ancient individuals believed that turquoise stone brings a decent luck infatuated and reconciles spouses. maybe this can be why turquoise is one in all the extended stones for making engagement and wedding rings. By the way, does one apprehend the funny tradition that has maybe each couple – hanging locks on the bridge of lovers? thus, a number of these of locks square measure finished turquoise stone inlaid.



It is aforesaid that turquoise is in a position to vary its colour throughout the life. in step with the legend, lovers shared a stone among themselves, and if it eventually modified the colour, it implies that the last half fell out of affection. it’s sort of a belief concerning the darkening pearl or a crack within the emerald.



But natural turquoise stone will extremely modification its colour beneath the influence of warmth, light, sweat, oils, cosmetics and detergents, the method of drying. For a protracted time, individuals are attempting to guess the state of health of the one that wears the turquoise, that had modified the colour.


Like any sugary woman I couldn’t take my eyes off the colour saturation of this stone: such mild, girlishly correct pastel candy shade. the colour theme of the turquoise ranges from a sky-blue to associate apple inexperienced. ‘The inexperienced “turquoise” is simply ground mineral or howlite that has been coloured, mixed with an organic compound and poured into a mould. “Green turquoise” is really a stone referred to as Chrysacola.’ typically you’ll be able to meet even such possibility as a “white turquoise”. But, ‘ there’s no such factor as white turquoise. What individuals decision white turquoise is really Howlite.’ The spectral colour of the turquoise stone is connected by copper and inexperienced tones square measure simply impurities of iron. Typically, turquoise is dotted with various dark streaks and inclusions, that produce an artless structural drawing. And if lapis is compared with a starry sky – fantastic thing about this uncommon stone can’t be compared with something. However, it’s simply my opinion. perhaps you’ve got any choices of natural phenomena or one thing like this? Please, write in comments.



‘The substance has been renowned by several names, however, the word turquoise, that dates to the seventeenth century, springs from the French torques for “Turks”, as a result of the mineral was initial dropped at Europe from Turkey, from mines within the historical Khorasan Province of Persia.’

Turquoise has perpetually been thought about the stone of happiness. And it’s not strange the least bit – everything is connected with the fascinating colour of this stone. the most impact of the turquoise shade – is that the physical tranquillity. however, additionally, this colour reduces aggressiveness, strengthens the emotional stability. The turquoise colour is found in meditation rooms.

Clothes during this colour “will establish” a contact along with your interlocutor. A diary or any oftentimes used item related to your work – can cut back nervousness throughout the week. thus you’ll be able to imagine what sorcerous properties have a stone, that bears the name of turquoise.


There also are still plenty of hopeful beliefs on the account of this stone. it’s aforesaid that the morning examining of turquoise improves the vision. sporting turquoise stone earrings or a pendant strengthens the centre, eliminate concern, save the United States from fatigue. Anyone World Health Organization wears turquoise, can never have a shortage of cash. sporting turquoise stone conjointly provides a protracted life and prosperity.



In China turquoise has long been the second favourite stone once the jade. On the territory of ancient Xizang, it had been thought about not even a gem, however, a living creature, and even the divinity. in step with the legend, tribes of North Yankee Indians thought about turquoise stone the best worth – it had been a sorcerous stone for them, that worth was opened to individuals by gods. Persian shahs were the foremost insane and lusty hunters for the turquoise. The Iran|sovereign|crowned head|monarch} treasury is in the basement of the Iran financial organisation – it’s a novel assortment of turquoise. Special valued Farah Pahlavi’s jewelled headdress is legendary for its design: turquoise stone is alternating with diamonds.


‘Turquoise was among the primary gems to be well-mined, and whereas several historic sites are depleted, some square measure still worked to the current day. These square measure all small-scale, usually seasonal operations, as a result of the restricted scope and remoteness of the deposits. Most square measure worked by hand with very little or no mechanisation. However, the turquoise stone is commonly recovered as a byproduct of large-scale copper mining operations, particularly within us.


The real turquoise – may be a terribly absorbent. product fabricated from it ought to be protected against fulminant changes in temperature, heating, from exposure to acids, abrasives and fumes, conjointly it can’t be clean in a very cleaner water. the foremost valuable is taken into account to be a blue turquoise. Turquoise stones, crossed with brown and black veins, yet as turquoise in a very chromatic colour have a lower gem quality, and thus square measure oversubscribed cheaper than a natural sky-blue possibility.

Made in numerous ways that imitation of this stone order eightieth of the present turquoise market. The turquoise stone is commonly being counterfeited in plastic – the most cost effective non-porous imitation, that melts upon the heating and smells unhealthy. Widespread counterfeiting, factory-made by surface staining with a special ceramic, ceramic ware or bones. Such forgeries are recognised by rendering the stone and ensuring that the false “turquoise” is white within.

Here may be a beauty within the details. I want you to seek out your good turquoise stone and to not fall for a fake!

Jewelry brands: elegance, antiquity and sophistication

Jewelry brands: elegance, antiquity and sophistication

Recently I’ve been looking out on the web and I have found very fascinating french jewellery brands. I notice them terribly special as a result of the whole method of its creation is performed manually. So, these days I would like to share with you plenty of knowledge regarding these brands and their proficient french designers.
Roure jewellery


The city of Lyon has been noted for its distinctive design and landscape, slim streets and cosy restaurants, however additionally for the tenderest silk, silverware, pleasant flowers … The exclusivity of the town is additionally mirrored in its wealthy history of jewellery that continues even these days. Native craftsmen’s of Lyon have attained the correct to form a rare decoration for first brands – Chaumet and Fred, Van Cleef & Arpels and navigator.


Here, in Lyon, the young and perspective jeweller Alaine Rour (Alain Roure) planned to determine his own jewellery company and his brothers – Christian and Domingo de Guzman were able to facilitate him during this tough business. This happened in 1964. His 1st assortment was provided by the general public had a fantastic success. This success is confirmed by arduous facts: the corporate has these days many stores and over thirty thousand embodied in gold luxury designer creations.
This ring transmits the delicacy of the flower to the purity of diamond as Associate in Nursing orchid sublimate work of art.

This one is my favourite piece from all his assortment. The Ring steps won in 1964 in a very Diamond International Award. It combines a sublime style with hints of sophistication.


Roure attaches nice importance to family values and traditions, similarly because of the heritage of the French jewellery. Since its foundation, fifty years have already passed, and decorations of Alain Rour area unit elegant, good and demanded. Even these days sketches, casting, assemblage and binding of precious stones area unit handmade. Final sprucing of the product is additionally dispensed manually.
In the video below you’ll be able to watch however the jewellery area unit created
Employees do a strict management at each stage of production. This approach ensures the standard and sturdiness of delicious product Roure. every diamond is in the midst of a recording of name product Conflict Free, confirming that the country may be a provider of precious stones doesn’t fund conflict zones. this can be the proof of purchase “non-contentious” rocks permissible to sell – from a reliable provider, and in strict compliance with the norms of moral, social and legal rights.

I advise you to examine a video that describes the entire method of ring creation.
History of the whole


From 1964 to 1995, the corporate factory-made the creations of international jewellery homes within the Place Vendome to artist and N.Marcus within the USA
In 1995, the corporate launches the “Chut… je t’aime.” Composed of 2 rings with a message of affection, this model becomes the signature of Alain Roure.
In 2010, it absolutely was below the name “Roure, the French jeweller” that the manufacturer
becomes international whole.
Since Gregorian calendar month 2012, the Printemps Haussmann in Paris offers the creations of Roure two.
In Oct 2014, the Roure company is placed in receivership three, and doesn’t appear to search out a customer, its website now not exists and therefore the domain is purchasable.
Labels and awards

First value of the band to the ring in 1964 “Mad Love”
Two 1st prizes and 2 unearned diplomas to the creation contest “Diamond Today” in 1972
Three 1st prizes at the National Contest Diamond jewellery


Luxury salons of Roure open daily their magic door, inviting the customer to the glittery world of beauty and love. nearly each decoration created here for love and has its own name, like “Rendezvous” rings, “Secret”, “Love” or tenderly paired engagement rings “Castle.”

Absolutely charming look double rings “We together”, graciously connected by a sparkling diamond. one in every of the fascinating collections – «Le Temps des Fleurs» (time of colours), because the personification of the first morning, the caressing sun and smelling delicate flowers adorned with condensation drops. the gathering combines high art and up to date fashion expressed within the marvellous rings and bracelets, sparkling pendants and tremendous necklaces.
Maison Auclert


Mark Auklert may be a grandchild of an antique dealer, he learned to understand from the childhood ancient decorations and souvenirs. when twenty years of operating in prestigious fashion homes of France and Japan proficient jeweller based his own label – Maison Auclert.Combining a real antiquity and fashionable aesthetics, Auklert creates daring, jewels connecting the past and gift. The designer prefers to figure with gold, semi-precious stones, cameos and components of artefacts.
History of the whole


Jeweller Mark Auklert possesses a special talent, he creates up to date jewellery victimisation the traditional art.
The logo of the whole Romanesque intaglio represents etched printing, that dates back the primary century B.C.. it’s manufactured from gold and chalcedony and displays the scene of the Renaissance, because the “Cupid riding a lion“, similarly because of the
 image, symbolising the conclusion of civilisation over inhumanity.
Process of creation
Mark Auklert uses special ways to show ancient things into fashionable. He highlights and strengthens the originality of antiquities. once he appearance for an acceptable a part of previous things, he selects the amount, aesthetic and sturdy piece. That’s why gold is,
therefore, superb. Antique Gold is sort of clean and contains a tremendous colour. Its flexibility provides it sturdiness. Romanesque gold jewellery might fall and break.

A pendant “Great phoenix ”

The most necessary factor in his business – to choose up properly Associate in the Nursing object of antiquity, to a method it in such the simplest way that it might be attainable to show it into one thing fashionable. The gem ought to look fashionable, despite the coating of antiquity. Gold will acquire shocking forms thanks to its flexibility throughout the process of gold. He believes that the gold is just like the sun, and its brilliance may be a splendour of the divine.”‘
Gold cuff bracelet with seventeenth-century intaglio

Mark Auklert tries to urge inspiration from museums, he visits usually Louvre and British museums that give a fantastic assortment of antique gold jewellery.


To know a lot of regarding Maison Auclert, let’s watch his interview

Leon Hatot

Leon Hatot’s jewellery hole appeared in the middle of the twenties of the XX century, it absolutely was time for modification, as well as within the jewellery world. The young and proficient creator Leon Ato instantly fell into a torrent of changes, technological progress and innovation and fascinating discoveries. though it’s same that there’s nothing worse than to measure in Associate in the Nursing era of modification, changing the world solely tempered character designer, permitting him to create compromises, learn to mix designs and trends, and most significantly, to develop their own distinctive vogue.

History of the whole
Leon Ato was born in a very little French city of Châtillon-sur-Seine in 1883.He began to review prowess at the age of twelve. The young man travelled alone to go to the French centre of watches – the town of Besancon, and he had been finding out throughout 10 years the craft. After that, the young master set to open a watch workshop that pretty quickly enlarged its vary by setting out to turn out jewellery. However, for the promotion of its whole, the young artists and designers had to manoeuvre to the national capital, wherever he bought already Associate in Nursing existing whole known as Bredillard. The product of the young jeweller instantly gets the popularity in Paris.


Despite the chaos of the twenties, the new century has brought new trends in jewellery fashion, daring concepts and new designs replaced the previous traditions. He managed to adapt to the dynamical world, to expertise and perceive the new direction in art – art movement (Ar – Nouveau). The jeweller begins to figure during this vogue, victimisation another fashion trend – fashionable.

In the sketches of Leon before the beginning of the primary warfare, a breath of recent trend was clearly ascertained. throughout the post-war years a master not solely began acting on exclusive jewellery and watches, however additionally tried his hand at the business enterprise. Since then Leon Ato is that the editor of the celebrated magazine La France Horlogerie. Leon manages to stay up everywhere: to explore new trends, develop new technologies, to amaze a reasonably subtle France by jewellery exclusive product.
Leon Hatot’s watches

This is the foremost impressing watch I’ve ever seen.

In 1925 Leon was awarded the honour of the Legion of Honor for his contribution to the economical and cultural lifetime of the country. throughout this exhibition, the new name of another up to date jewellery trends Art-Deco was formally recognised.


During his life, the master was ready to provide a solid foundation to their whole, to develop the most directions, therefore when the jeweller’s death in 1953, the corporate continues with success to exist.

I hope that my post was fascinating and you’ve got a dose of inspiration by reckoning on these marvellous things. Subscribe and write in comments regarding jewellery you liked.