Who am I?

– My name is Alex Rolevich and I am 27 years old online entrepreneur with 7 years experience in jewellery design.


Where do I live?

– I live in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


What is my native language?

– My native language is Croatian. But I speak English really well.


Why am I here with my blog now?

– My online friendships and online journey started on some old chat rooms, MySpace, and some forums I realized that lot of peaople in jewellery design are looking for a-z tutorialsm but people never explain some methods in long posts and detailed tutorials so I started this blog to help every newbie, but also some senior Money makers to catch new methods and new tools for jewellery design.


How can I help you?

– You can read jewellery design articles and decide for yourself


How I make money online?

– My main online income sources are Dropshipping jewellery design products, Google Adsense, Amazon Affiliate, again with jewelry niche.