Mixed metals and colored gemstones: engagement ring choices

Mixed metals and colored gemstones: engagement ring choices

Times square measure changing: it’s time to be brave, to be you, and categorical yourself in ways in which you never even thought were potential.

While diamond engagement rings have endured because the customary for proposals for hundreds of years, actuality hallmark of affection and commitment for charmed couples the globe over, the dynamic tides of knickknack trends have opened the door to a world of originality.



Industry giants square measure currently setting out to cater to those that wish to be distinctive, to form a press release with the creation of a very daring and individualised ring. Mixed metal bands and coloured gemstones square measure a number of the ways in which the jewellery business is dynamic for the comprehensive smart.

Gone square measure the times wherever mixture metals was frowned upon, like double denim or mixture prints. Now, every day we have a tendency to see ladies with confidence stacking wedding and eternity rings of immensely completely different metals with their engagement rings.



Three pave diamond eternity rings set into their corresponding gold colour.

In recent years, the mixture of contrastive mixed metals, like gold and Pt, has become a favourite for each trendy men and ladies wanting to interrupt the mould. We’ve seen a rise in argentiferous tones across the whole jewellery and fashion industries – from champagne diamonds and therefore the rise of rose gold to fashion accessories like headphones and clutch luggage with argentiferous finishes.

Mixed-metal rings afford you a lot of styling potentialities, eliminating the requirement to match all of your jewellery from the day of your proposal. better of all, it reveal the choices once it involves mixture your ring with a special color wedding ring.


There square measure a whole lot, if not thousands, of individual and distinctive combos of mixed metals and coloured gemstones for you to undertake, all of that really permit you to precise yourself. combos abound, like rubies or pink sapphires set into blush rose gold; the light-blue tones seen in emeralds, increased once set into buttery yellow gold or blue sapphires set into bright alloy or icy Pt – every metal vividly enhancing their centre stone’s color tones.

Not simply restricted to enhancing the colour of your center stone, your metal alternative will compliment your skin tone too. Rose gold works well with all skin tones that explains its increase in quality in jewellery and accessories. bearing metal tends to figure best with fairer complexions, whereas yellow gold tends to favor medium to dark complexions.

This ring makes associatenouncement} with an emerald set into yellow gold, light the stone’s changing color. Notice the white diamond is ready in Pt to reinforce its brilliance – associate degree example of a mixed metal ring utterly enhancing the colours and tones of its gemstones.

‘Moi et Toi’ vogue ring with emerald cut white diamond and emerald.

As well as mixture metals, some ladies square measure even going more, selecting stones that were once neglected over the unaltered diamond ring, like ruby, morganite, tourmaline, emerald, tanzanite and sapphire. several vogue professionals, just like the peeress of Cambridge, Kate pamphleteer, square measure at the forefront of this jewellery revolution.

The peerless contains a sapphire ring set into a alloy band, whereas her wedding ring is yellow gold – a splendidly distinctive combine that ladies from all walks of life square measure emulating.

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The power of coloured gemstones



With the peerless leading the manner, alternative influencers have climbed aboard the coloured gem trend with gusto; Eva Longoria’s alternative of ruby, Halle-an-der-Saale Berry’s emerald, and Penelope Cruz’s sapphire center stone means that every of those clearly distinctive ladies contains a ring to match.

Coloured gemstones square measure concerning being daring and adventurous; go massive and go bold! Gemstones offer you the chance to precise your personal vogue and use colours that flatter your complexion. If you’re employed along with your hands or lead a vigorous lifestyle, the simplest gemstones to settle on square measure sapphires and rubies as they’re going to interference well against everyday wear and tear.



For those desperate to select a rare and distinctive coloured gem, Paraìba tourmalines and Padparadscha sapphires square measure glorious selections. Paraìba tourmalines, with their element bluish green hue, come back solely from one mine in Paraìba, Brazil whereas Padparadscha sapphires, better-known for his or her excellent balance of pink and orange, sort of a Santorinian sunset, square measure solely sourced in state.

The demand and recognition of coloured gemstones is plain, and now’s the right time to affix those in pushing the boundaries of knickknack trends.

Endless potentialities



Having the boldness to combine each metal and coloured gemstones reveal a world of fashion flexibility. At Rare Pink, they create positive your custom ring style really matches your temperament – there really is not any limit on the far side your imagination.